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    Gutter Professionals

    Your home’s protection from heavy rainfall is only going to be as good as the gutter system that you choose.  While often neglected and left to clog with debris and leaf litter, gutter systems help keep your home and property safe from rain damage. When it comes to the rain-heavy climate of Georgetown, TX, we hope that you will take the health of your gutters seriously to ensure the proper protection of both your home and your property.

    The role of gutters to your home

    First and foremost, let’s take a look at what role gutters play when it comes to your home and your property.  That’s the first step to understanding why taking proper care of them will be important to both.

    • They keep water away from your home: Your home is vulnerable to water no matter what. Your gutters are what are responsible for keeping that water away from your home. They will effectively drain water down through a carefully controlled channel of pipes and away from your home to the street.  This keeps your home from being weakened from water pooling along the foundation or even leaking through a window and causing a bigger, more expensive mess.
    • They keep your yards from being overwatered: Since Georgetown, TX is prone to harsh periods of rain, your gutter system, when operating properly, also helps keep the water from pooling on your lawn, garden or yard. It directs the water to the proper channels so that it can disperse onto the street like it’s supposed to.

    Types of gutters

    Gutters, despite how they may appear, can come in a few different shapes and sizes. The ones that you choose will determine what kind of maintenance you need, when, and what focus points you’ll want to keep in mind.

    • Aluminum seamless gutters: Just as the name suggests, seamless gutters are gutters that don’t have a seam to them. They will make sure that no water drips downs against your foundation or along your window frames with their true seamless installation. They will work well through all of the wild weather.
    • Copper gutters: While priced high, copper gutters are beautiful options to consider because they are going to be true long-term solutions that age beautifully on you home. These cannot be installed yourself, but are gorgeous in look and feel.
    • Half-round gutters: Another option that will not clog or corrode over time, half-round gutters are great for those that want easy access and cleaning. That being said, they are not great at rain capturing when it comes to torrential downpours in short periods of time. Keep this in mind.

    Proper installation is key (but so is maintenance)

    No matter what kind of gutter system you rely on, the installation process should always be done by an experienced contractor with experience.  At Your Georgetown Roofer, we’ll be able to analyze what kind of gutter system is best for you and your needs so that you don’t have to style for something that just won’t work for you.

    As well, you’ll also want to keep a close eye on maintenance. Cleaning the gutter systems regularly is important to keep them clog-free and in good shape before the next storm rolls in.  As well, make sure that you assess your gutters for weakening or breaks and replace them immediately to keep your home safe.

    It all matters and you’ll want the right local, experienced professionals on the job to help you make the most out of it.